Smartwatches including the Apple Watch may be able to detect the signs of Covid-19 before you know you’re sick, a recent study has found.

It’s been in a study title named “Warrior Watch”, that says that researchers from the Mount Sinai medical centre noticed something unique in Apple Watch. The report says they notice that the Apple Watch is such designed that it can easily detect small changes in the user’s heartbeat with the pulse rate. 

This change can be said COVID-19 initial symptoms that take almost seven days to be noticed from naked eyes.

Particularly, the study came to this point after analyzing the complete metric called heart rate variability (HRV). It’s a  variation in the time that takes place between each heartbeat and can be monitored continuously for any sudden change that happens. 

This indicates how well a person’s immune system is working or do he/she have to face anything unexpected later. This was proved when the team wore Apple Watches that comes up with the feature to detect HRV. 

As said by an assistant professor at the Icahn School of MedicinDrDr. Robert Hirten, that as what we know that heart rate variability markers suddenly show changes when inflammation develops in the body.  And we all know that COVID is an extremely inflammatory disease.

A further study proved that it’s been motive that in almost 81% of COVID affected individuals a prior notification was made regarding their change in HRV. This individual was wearing Apple made devices like Garmin, Fitbit and others. Thus, it proves that this watch gives a prior alert for COVID. 

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