Sorry, for all Mac M1 users. After Apple just banned sideloading iOS apps

A recent report from officials says that Apple just banned its sideloading apps for iOS and been working to make iOS apps more useful and available for macOS users. As we knew when Apple announced its new hardware and chips, the ability for Macs with the M1 chip to run iOS apps natively was very small. 

Unfortunately, the Cupertino company Apple found bounding down the ability of the developer. And this in aspect to run whatever iOS apps they want to run. Further, it’s also been reported that they officially have maimed iOS apps sideloading.

However this time Apple has allowed their iOS apps to run on macOS for developers, and this can be said the best move from the Cupertino company. As we know that the M1-based Macs which includes MacBook Pro M1, MacBook M1 and Mac mini M1 which all built on the same ARM architecture. This ARM architecture is one used in Apple’s phones and tablets. 

What’s interesting about this is their built-in support which allows running iOS apps without developers needing to be used as Catalyst. That means for all those developers who want to allow their apps to easily run on macOS won’t have to change their code. 

Well, it’s a known fact that not all developers want to get access to their mobile apps on the Mac App Store. Big names like Google and Facebook are among this list who opted out. 

Moreover, if the user wants to work around this the very first thing he has to do is to install the app IPA files manually. This files can be manually downloaded using tools like iMazing, and further need to be installed on their Mac. 

Solving this with a problem- 

Apple’s decision to block sideloaded apps doesn’t look a rushed decision it seems like the company’s way of keeping control or to say restrict the developers to a proper limit.  

It was previously reported that macOS can run an iOS app natively. Although, there’s no guarantee it will run on a phone is going to perform well on desktop interface too. As the desktop lacks the most important feature of touch support. 

There’s a good reason to disallow this. And that’s if an app developer doesn’t believe their iOS app. Moreover, it will offer a positive experience while running on Mac. 

This is all we know about ban Apple made on sideloading Apps. Feel free to contact us for any queries or suggestion? 


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