The Oppo Band was disclosed earlier in June of previous year, however, it just got a discharge in Chinese regions- nonetheless, it seems that could be near to shift with a feasible international release on the frontier.

This news has arrived from a technological website of GizmoChina, which sighted certification through the European Economic association for a commodity named the ‘Oppo Band’. So, now why would the Chinese manufacturer, Oppo obtain certification in Europe, only if it was intending to release its band in their nation shortly?

Even In case the Oppo Band does buy a European or worldwide release shortly, it’s not specific this will be the exact Oppo Band that slammed the Chinese shop shelves in the previous year. Three distinct editions of the band inaugurated since then, and this modern edition could be amongst those or a superior edition.

Nevertheless, this does bring it appear feasible that the Chinese manufacturer, Oppo is inaugurating a fitness tracker worldwide relatively ahead.


The actual Oppo Band retained a 1.1-inch display, 12 sports assessing modes, and a 2 weeks of battery backup. It’s price is around CNY199 (nearly $30, £22, AU$40), and that cost elevated to a levels for its different editions, the Oppo Band Fashion and Oppo Band Eva, which primarily had layout differences.

As formerly stated, the worldwide Oppo Band might be distinct, and we’ll have to hold for a while to find out the same.

In case the Oppo Band inaugurated in different markets it’d enlist a lengthy notion of cheap fitness trackers by smartphone manufacturers, such as the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2, Honor Band 6, Huawei Band 3 Pro, Realme Band and OnePlus Band, with many others.

That latter tracker, the OnePlus Band, could finish standing the hugest opponent to the Chinese manufactured, Oppo Band, as it’s essentially the identical stuff. OnePlus and Oppo are acquired by the exact parent corporation and frequently trade tech, and their health trackers are nearly identical.

The OnePlus Band has been released in China currently left with an international release, so it’s probably a contest between the two corporations to bring their trackers on shop shelves across the remaining globe. As soon as the Oppo Band does get inaugurated for an international demand, we’ll surely examine the same so you can learn more information on how it operates.

So, what are your ideas in this band? Do post your impression on this Oppo band and stay tuned.


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