ASUS ROG Phone 4 release looks like to be fetching near as the beneficiary to the ASUS ROG Phone 3 has been a subject of a some revelation in the prior pair of months. A emitted live picture of the apparent ASUS ROG Phone 4 has now been circulated on social media, and seemingly, this picture indicates ’05’ composed at the rear of the device. 

As ASUS is a Taiwan based corporation, the play to avoid the number 4 from the sequel does bring sense as in Taiwan, merely such as in Chinese regions, the number 4 is assumed unfortunate. Note that, even OnePlus, which is a Chinese manufacturer missed the number 4 from its smartphone sequel. 

We will have to hold a little longer and see if the forthcoming smartphone will be named as ASUS ROG Phone 4 or ROG Phone 5. Individually, ASUS ROG Phone 4 specifications have been dropped and it looks like the smartphone may arrive with a 6,000mAh battery capacity and moreover, along with up to 65W quick charging assistance.

Speaking initially about the picture revelation, the ROG Phone 4/5 can be noticed with an identical layout terminology to prior smartphones in the procession. Note that, the plausible smartphone can be noted to come with a 64MP primary camera detector in a triple-lens configuration. 

The camera system would be assisted by quad-Bayer tech. The smartphone red button on thee lower-right of the phone, that could be employed to switch on gaming aspect, however, this is just an assumption a of now. Assuming that the revelation does not arrive from a credible reference, we would suggest you to comprehend this just rumors as of now.

By the way, For those who don’t know, the prior version, ASUS ROG Phone 3 assists up to 30W quick wired charging. This modification could conclude in an enormous advancement in charging rates. 

The ahead revealed specifications from Geekbench indicate that the smartphone could arrive with a powerful Snapdragon 888, bags 8GB of enormous RAM, and operate on Android 11. Initially revelations have indicated the ASUS ROG Phone 4 could incorporate an Full HD+ AMOLED panel accompanied by a 144Hz refresh rate.


As per the reports, it is suggested that the smartphone is anticipated to enter the market on 3rd March 2021.

It is believed that the cost of this smartphone might cost around INR 42,990, according to reports. These are just talks, and we will have to hold for a while to substantiate the same. 

Did you like the configurations of this phone? Would you purchase it? Do post you beliefs and stay tuned.


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