It is always an amazing thing whenever the talks of a new iPhone start to do the rounds. The talks of next year’s iPhone, the iPhone 14 have already started.

Here are the details on iPhone 14 that talks about the insights of Apple’s 2022

Iphone 14 Details

The new iPhone will most probably blend the designs of iPhone 12 and 4. The phone will have a titanium backside. This backside will be guarded by a glass surface. There will be no camera bump on the new phone.

A lightning charging port is once again going to feature on the phone. The phone will have four variants which are base, pro, max, and pro max. The base and the pro will have a 6.06inch screen which will have a resolution of 2532 x 1170. While the max and pro max will have 6.68 inches screen with a resolution of 2778 x 1284.

The pro max version will have an LTPO display that will be provided to apple by L.G. On the other hand, the lower 3 phones will feature an LTPS display.

All 4 phones will have A16 bionic chips in them. All the phones will have 48 megapixel camera.

This camera will enable its user to click better pictures in low light and in the dark. The base version will have 2 cameras at the back and the other 3 will have 3 cameras. In the department of storage, the pro versions will have 2TB storage while the base one will have only 1TB.

All 4 phones will support 5G and there are speculations that Wi-Fi 6E will be introduced through these phones.

In The End

Do note that all this information has not yet been verified by Apple so whatever we say take it with a pinch of salt.



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