Sky Studios Documentary Deal With Dorothy ST. Pictures

Do you like to watch premium quality documentary series? If you do, then you must have watched the documentaries like “Be Water”, “Killer Book Club”, all made by the fast-emerging Dorothy St. Pictures studio. We have some great news concerning them and Sky Studios. What is it and how does it help you? All coming up right ahead.

Sky Studios

The Deal

As a lot of you must already be knowing, Sky Studios is a big name in the entertainment market of Europe. They have almost everything thing under their belt. A collaboration with them for anyone is huge.

And surely it is very huge for Dorothy St. Pictures. Dorothy St. Pictures is a studio dedicated to make quality content and promote series that see things from a women’s perspective. Speaking on the deal, Dorothy St. Pictures founder Julia Nottingham said that it is a huge honor to work with it.

She continued by saying that the resources and reach of Sky Studios would help them create better series and reach a wider audience.

Likewise, Sky Studios director of factual Barnaby Shingleton also said that the men and women working at Dorothy St. Pictures were doing a great job. He added that Sky Studios is delighted to work with them to create quality content for viewers of documentary films and series. He also said that it was the vision of Dorothy St. Pictures that made them sign the deal with them.

What The Deal Means For You

Now this deal between Dorothy St. Pictures and Sky Studios means a lot for you. For starters with the vision of Dorothy St. Pictures and the resources of it, we are going to get some very well documented documentaries. And under the deal, some projects are already underway that will come out in 2022.

It really is a happy new year for documentary lovers.

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