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New Atlanta superintendent offers hope, reform

The embarrassed, apologetic and sometimes tearful testimony of Atlanta public school teachers taped by investigators in the aftermath of the widespread state achievement test scandal must not be forgotten as new superintendent Meria Carstarphen takes the helm of the ... read more

SCOTUSblog credential issue highlights media bias

For many reporters and commentators, has become an indispensable part of reporting on American government and politics. It is often the first to publish new opinions online, and the first source for professional and professorial commentary on new ... read more

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The feds have a problem with what they term inefficiency in the distribution of food stamps to the needy by the state of Georgia. But state Department of Human services officials point out that a backlog of more than 26,000 past-due food-stamp renewals has been whittled down to less than 2,000 in about a month. Nothing less than a seven-day-a-week effort has gotten the situation under control.  This is a ship that has been salvaged and is now close to SAILING again.

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