Zoom Deprecates Chrome OS App, Leaving Chromebook Users With Progressive Web App Option

Zoom, a well-known provider of video conferencing software, has apparently discontinued support for its Chrome OS plugin for the first time. As a result of this new release, Chrome OS users now have access to the Zoom Progressive Web App (PWA). Zoom launched a Chromebook app in June of this year.

Zoom has discontinued support for its original Chrome OS app, 9to5Google reports. As a result, ChromeOS users are no longer able to join conference calls. Additionally, the source reports that the software has been withdrawn from the Chrome Web Store and is now only accessible via a direct link. According to the complaint, the message “Zoom client must be upgraded to attend this conference” displays on the user’s screen whenever they attempt to utilize Zoom’s Chrome extension.

Zoom Deprecates Chrome OS App
Zoom Deprecates Chrome OS App

In case you missed it, Zoom launched its Zoom progressive web app for Chrome OS users in June of this year. Installing the PWA on Chrome OS is as straightforward as installing any other Android app, and using it is identical to how Zoom is used on other platforms. According to the firm, PWAs are faster and more feature-rich than traditional apps. As a result, it is well-suited for cloud-based devices and requires very little storage space.

Chrome OS users can download Zoom PWA via the web or Google Play to participate in meetings

Zoom has revealed its third-quarter financial figures for fiscal year 2022. Zoom’s third-quarter fiscal year 2021 revenue was $1,050.8 million, up 35% from the previous year, while its net income was $340.3 million, up from $198.4 million (Q3).

“We’re committed to delivering new goods and services that excite our customers. According to our estimates for the following year, revenue will increase 54 percent year over year while profitability and operating cash flow will increase significantly. “Eric S. Yuan, Zoom’s founder and CEO, stated.

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