The life savior Zoom is rolling the game with some new features to make the organizations and meetings more productive. The features will reflect in the app with the new update.

Everything About The New Zoom Features

One of the best features of this latest update is that now the host will be able to start the call with a new focus mode. According to the Tec radar report, this feature is very useful for business meetings to host several employees at one time.

This feature is mainly for the learning sector. With these new features, all the members of the meeting can see the host as well as each other.

There is another feature gallery mode. It can allow the host to have a look at all the participants once during the meeting. Customization at this gallery mode is also available for the host. The host can create and save the respective gallery mode for each meeting. Every time the host starts the new meeting they have the access to view the saved gallery mode.

Video mail

Everyone has heard about the voice mail. It is the mail that we left to someone when they aren’t picking our call. But most of the users ignore it. Therefore, Zoom has now decided to launch a special and unique video mail feature. Everything will be the same as voice mail but in video mode.

Users can record their greetings and send them to greet their co-workers. People are very excited about this feature because it will help them to stay connected with other employees doesn’t matter their work location.

It seems that all the new features of the Zoom app are ready to rock the market. People are already very excited about these updates. What will be the best thing than these features of the Zoom app when the third wave of the corona is ready to hit the country.

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