Zoe Saldana And Kate Winslet Deserved Better In Avatar: The Way Of Water!

Though the long wait of Avatar fans kept the vibe and hype of avatar: The Way Of Water, it has been seen that audiences are still not convinced about the roles given to Zoe Saldana And Kate Winslet and suggesting that they can do much better in the movie. 

The incredible action of Kate holding her breath for 7 minutes, and 15 seconds underwater was recommendable but it couldn’t match the need it seem like Ronal was never seen in such a way for that long. Moreover, it has been considered as totally a waste of time as well as the talent of both Ronal and Neytiri because after playing the main roles, they still didn’t get that much importance in the sequel. Afterall. if we talk about Kate Winslet separately, then how can the director James Cameron do this to the actress who has an Oscar, a Grammy, two Emmy Awards, and three BAFTAs? It looks like a serious crime, isn’t it?



Who plays the role of whom? 

Since the release of the first film, there are two main characters in the film named Jake Sully and his pretty wife Neytiri whose roles were played by Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana. But because the RDA is hunting their adopted and biological children, so the Sully family has to evacuate. They joined the group of Metkayina, whose leader Tonowari is friendly, but his pregnant wife Ronal whose role was portrayed by Kate Winslet is quite irritating and aggressive. 

Now, as Neytiri and the new couple plays the main role so technically they must be given much importance, but the situation is the opposite. Both Zoe Saldana and Kate Winslet have a vastly reduced roles in the sequel which feels like insulting their caliber. 

What about The Star?

The star Neytiri whose role is sketched by Zoe Saldana played a massive role in the first film, but, in the sequel where her role should have progressed, it turned upside down. In the sequel, she’s not only the wife of Jake Sully, but instead the mother of two children and warrior but still she didn’t get as much importance.

In the whole film, she’s just yelling, sobbing, or getting angry and it feels like she’s not the main character. After having a busy schedule, she still said yes to the sequel and what did she get? It’s seriously awful! 

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