Zac Efron is stunningly rocking a mullet now!

Becoming one of the latest celebrities to move to Australia, Zac Efron has been a busy guy this year and has also got a list of things he has accomplished this year. To this list, you can undoubtedly add another item: ‘wearer of mullets’. His pictures recently surfaced over the internet wherein you can have a look at his new hairdo showcasing just as a mullet should be. 

It wouldn’t have been possible for any celebrity to pull off a mullet but Zac Efron seems to have been knowing the game well. He was also involved in giving a brand new look to someone else later that day. In addition to that, we’re not sure whether the mullet life is something that the celebrity would like to stick with but we never know, wilder things have happened in the past!

Moreover, his future movie roles will definitely prevent him from keeping the look, it’s just a guess anyways! Of course, the Internet is certain to have thoughts considering it is a pretty over-the-top choice for a haircut.


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