You’re Not Safe Here – Release date, Spoilers, Story And All About Complete Details On Lifetime Thriller

One of the most eagerly anticipated English films, “You’re Not Safe Here,” is set to premiere on Lifetime’s official network, promising viewers a spine-chilling and exhilarating experience. Before we get into the plot and characters of the film, we’d like to point out that the film was originally titled “The Girl in the Window,” but it was subsequently changed to “You’re Not Safe Here.” The film is a rollercoaster trip in and of itself, with the viewer seeing how trust and relationships are shattered the moment the final truth is revealed.

The film “You’re Not Safe Here” is directed by Rachel Annette Helson and produced by Zach O’Brien, Shane O’Brien, and Anthony Del Negro under the Stargazer Films USA production banner. Furthermore, Fantom composes the soundtrack, while Spenser Reich serves as the film’s editor. The film will premiere on Lifetime Movies on Saturday, July 31, 2021, at 8:00 PM (ET)/7:00 PM (PT) (CT).

Updates on Release Date

The film’s narrative focuses around Ava, a pregnant lady whose life takes a sudden and incorrect turn when she seeks sanctuary in the home of a stranger. Ava was in a toxic relationship with her controlling boyfriend, who would beat her and keep her locked up in the house.

She learns of her pregnancy during a stormy night, and she chooses to flee her lover and seek refuge at her estranged sister’s house. She deviates from her course on the way and later wakes up in William and Valerie’s home. The couple is nice, affluent, and childless, and they live alone in the woods. With nowhere else to turn, Ava ended up trusting the kind couple, completely unaware of the hidden couple’s actual intentions for her unborn child.

Updates on Cast Members

Here is the list of cast members will be included in You’re Not Safe Here,

·         Nicki Whelan to appear for the role as Valerie

·         Haskiri Velazquez to appear for the role as Ava

·         Cleo Anthony to appear for the role as William

·         Sarah Wisser

·         Austin Weyant

·         Shannon Cogan

Spoiler Alert!

According to the official synopsis: “Ava (Velazquez), pregnant and imprisoned, flees her violent partner one stormy night to seek safety at her estranged sister’s house. She swerves off the road on the way and wakes up in Valerie’s (Nicky Whelan) and William’s house (Cleo Anthony). The childless, pleasant, and prosperous couple lives alone in the woods. With nowhere else to turn, Ava’s faith in this enigmatic pair proves to be her undoing when she discovers their evil plans for her unborn child.”


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