A 6-year-old boy died after a gruesome pit bull attack at his South Carolina home as he was viciously mauled by a pit bull. Cameron “Jayce” Hatfield was found deceased by the deputies last Wednesday when they arrived at a home in Hampton County and they later captured the pit bull by animal control and euthanized. 

The boy’s mother gave statements that they had been taking care of a stray pit bull who wandered on their property and said that she was finding the dog a permanent home when the dreadful incident took place. LaBar further added that the pit bull had been abandoned on their property after the attacking incident.

She added that the attack was so fast that there wasn’t anything anybody could possibly do. She informed her Facebook Live audience that she had been an advocate for pit bulls and said that the dog was behaving really well with small animals and her family until the attack. She gave a statement that the attack was over within a second.


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