You Might Have To Wait A while For Xiaomi 12 To Come To Global Markets

Last year Mi 11 took a while to come to the Indian market after launching in China. Now Mi 12 pro has been launched in China but it may take a while to come to the Indian market as compare to the Mi 11.

Xiaomi has already launched on the markets of China. This is the first phone to use the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 technology. But we didn’t hear any word from the makers about the selling of this model globally. The tipster Mukul Sharma has told the my smart price that the 12 pro may come to the global market in the month of the January or March. He also add that the phone may launch in the Indian market sooner or may be at the same time.

But late February is delayed as compare to the last year Mi 11. Last year Mi 11 was launched in the month of December 2022 at market of China. And it comes to the global market at 8 February.

12 series of Xiaomi has mainly three models, 12x, 12 pro and normal 1. They are powered by the Snapdragon 870 processor. The device provide the more flexible rear camera, 50X MT telephoto, QHD+Display and lot more features. In China the price of the phone is nearly 738 dollars. But it will increase a lot when the phone comes outside the market of the China.

Xiaomi has launched lots of mobile phones already in the global market. Users love all the models and eagerly waiting for the new 12 pro model. The owner has resolved lots of problems found in the previous models. Users are waiting for the late February to buy the brand new 12 pro Mi. Are you also waiting for the 12 series of the Xiaomi?

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