Yash, who is a Kannada Superstar actor and best known for his movies such as K.G.F.1 and K.G.F. 2, which is yet to release. Acting is his passion and profession. We have seen him in numerous roles, each one different from one another, but apart from his walk of life, he has a family. Radhika Pandit is the wife of Yash who herself is also an actor and this sweet couple is blessed with two children, one is a baby boy, Yatharv, and the second one is Little Angel, Arya.

On the 2nd of December 2020, it was the most splendid and spectacular day for Yash and Radhika, and Arya! What? How can a day be so momentous for all of them? Arya the Little Angel was born on that day. Parents are as happy as a clam when it comes to their children, so is the captivating couple of Yash and Radhika. 

Arya is Luck and Lucky Simultaneously!

The saying goes like, “Happiness grows by sharing”. Yash and Radhika have shared phenomenal pictures of their daughter on her birthday on Instagram. 

The pictures can be seen here- 


The caption says that Arya has given them nothing but happiness. And this line is followed by the wishes of her parents. And the postscript being ‘Do not grow up soon’. Well, the childish things are something everyone enjoys and gets a chance through them to be rejuvenated.

If you wish to relive the moment the couple celebrated Arya’s birthday, you can watch it- 


With the birth of a child comes peculiar peace and pleasantness and hence party and celebration are sure must. It is said that Yash came at late night after rounding off the shooting of his upcoming movie K.G.F Chapter 2 only to celebrate his little doll’s birthday.

Whenever a girl child is born in India, she is meant to be the incarnation of Goddess Laxmi and so said Radhika when Arya came into their lives. Be it any child, he is considered the form of GOD. Arya is named after Goddess Laxmi too and her name is derived from Airavathi.


People busy as a beaver, there comes an only countable number of moments which make us happy and it feels like children are sent into our lives with a reason. Arya and her brother are the ones who are a gift of God presented to Yash and Radhika. 

We too on this auspicious day wish Arya the happiest birthday and pray that her upcoming ones will be more joyous than the former one. Send your wishes to Arya from the comments section and stay tuned for more updates.


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