Netflix has kept the renewal of Yakamoz S-245 on hold. So, the current status of this season 2 S-245 is not yet renewed. This unavailability of confirmed information makes it unpredictable to predict the release date of season 2. 

The intel and insights gathered on season 2 of Yakamoz S-245 is rather unconfirmed and rely mostly on the estimations and predictions. Therefore, to know more about the Yakamoz S-245 and its probable plot and cast, continue reading!!


Yakamoz S-245 is one of Netflix’s newest shows. Yakamoz S-245, a switch from Into the Night, deals with the same issues and has the same protagonists. Yakamoz S-245, Season 2 is still on the air. There are no updates on its Netflix status. It may take some time to evaluate whether it is worth renewing for another season. It all comes together in “Into the Night.” These are two shows that take place simultaneously in the same universe. There’s a possibility that these two shows will merge. 

Renewal status and release date

The renewal status of season 2 Yakamoz S-245 is still unconfirmed, meaning it is not yet renewed. It’s quite difficult to estimate the release date as well because of the unconfirmed renewal status. We can make safer speculation on the release date of Yakamoz S-245 Season 2. We predict that it might be released by the end of next year, which is December 2023. Let’s hope that by this time the renewal status will be confirmed!

Cast updates

The cast and crew members play a huge role in making a show popular and successful. We have received intel that most of the actors and actresses who starred in season 1 Yakamoz S-245 will return for the next coming season as well. Let us see the protagonists who will be returning.

  • Kivanc Tatlitug portrays Arman.
  • Jerry Hoffmann portrays Felix.
  • Ecem Uzun portrays Rana.
  • Ertan Saban portrays Umut.
  • Ece Cesmioglu portrays Yonca.
  • Ersin Arici portrays Altan.

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Expected plot

As mentioned earlier, this Yakamoz S-245 is similar to the ‘Into the Night’ series with the same characters and same universe in which it is located. We can take hints from season 2 of Into The Night to predict the plot of season 2 of Yakamoz S-245. 

This implies that Yakamoz S-245 will have a second edition focused on events that occurred as a direct result of Arman being shot in Norway’s seed vault and Umut being freed by Celiz. Because the stories of Into the Night and Yakamoz s-245 have already intersected, anything is possible at this point. As a result, what happens to one can affect the other.

Where can you watch it?

The streaming site remains the same as season 1. Therefore, season 2 of Yakamoz S-245 will officially be available on Netflix once the renewal and the release date are confirmed by the creators. 

Trailer updates

As the renewal status is not yet confirmed, the trailer is also not yet out. Season 2 would have to wait!!

That’s all about the information gathered for the Season 2 of Yakamoz S-245. Do you think the creators will take this season 2 to create a divergence between Into the Night and Yakamoz S-245?

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