Xiaomi Is In ‘War Of Life And Death With Apple

The Chinese mobile phone brand Xiaomi wants to rule the smartphone world. Ruling the smartphone world means defeating Apple in the smartphone market. To be the undisputed king, Xiaomi will have to defeat Apple. Let’s take a look at the steps taken by Xiaomi in this direction.


The Declaration Of War

The step has been taken by it CEO Lei Jun. He has simply and plainly said that they aim to become the biggest smartphone brand of China by in just 3 years’ time. To do so they have set the target of maintaining 30,000 shops in China by 2025. The company has also invested a hefty amount of $16 million towards the development of its smartphones. Among the smartphones that the company will develop using the $16 million, there are rumors of a smartphone being made that will be able to charge fully in just 8 minutes.

All these things indicate that Xiaomi are serious about dominating the world of smartphones one day. The industry which is dominated by Apple right now is a very competitive one and it will really have to deliver to realize the dream of reaching the top. Creating smartphones better than Apple is the ultimate thing that Xiaomi has aimed for with the announcement of its latest war plan.It has shown this courage and confidence owing to the fact that it is no more on the US blacklist. It can freely advertise its range of smartphones in the country without any hassle. If indeed Xiaomi is able to make better phones than Apple, then Apple’s creativity and innovation will be pressurized even more.

Regardless of the end result of the war between Xiaomi and Apple, we are sure to get some really great smartphones in the near future.

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