Xiaomi Puts The Focus On The Camera With 12 Pro Smartphone Launch

The giant company Xiaomi has launched a new 12 pro smartphones which are said to be revolutionary in case of camera. There is a huge bump at the back of the model. It is the home to 3 cameras of 50mp. It promise the best photos with low light.

The 1/1.28-inch sensor at the center of the camera makes use of 2.44-µm 4-in-1 pixels. Xiaomi says the camera provide the 49 percent better low light capturing snaps. There is a night mode available in the camera which is the beast of android photography.

The remaining two cameras has still some uses while clicking the photos. One camera provide the ultra wide 115 degree angle view. The second camera is helpful for clicking the 2x photos. The night mode is also available for these two cameras. The LED flash helps to click the best pictures.

Features Of New 12 Pro Xiaomi Mobile Phone

In the 12 pro model of the Xiaomi there is 3-GHz kyo processor, a GPU for better graphics, 7th generation AI engine, Snapdragon 8 GN 1, and 5G features also. Users always complaint about the overheating of the mobile phones of the Xiaomi. This time company has solve the issue by adding a special cooling system. It will cool down the phone in case of heating cause by overuse.

Handset accept the dual speaker and better sound tuning. The capacity of the battery is also very high. Users don’t need to charge the phone again and again like, other androids. The phone supports the operating system of 13 MIUI. The phone is already launched in the market of China and soon will be launched in the market of India. The starting price of the phone is Rs.4699. Are you impressed by the new features or not?

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