The Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi has clearly commenced shipping media proposals for the international release of the Mi 11. According to the reports, the Snapdragon 888 flagship will be broadcasted in European region on 8th February at 1 P.M. CET (7 AM Eastern Time).

The period occurs to be about good as we have similarly listened to the rumors about it on the Xiaomiui Telegram page the previous day. The association is besides exhorting something on their Twitter, indicating that the council date statement could be declared relatively shortly.

The Mi 11 was the initial smartphone to release with Qualcomm’s maximum current flagship processing unit. In any case, its international release arrives subsequent to that of the Samsung’s Galaxy S21 sequel which got on clear deal on the current day.

Even though the truth that the Chinese Manufacturer, Xiaomi has recently remarked one smartphone in the Mi 11 moniker as of now, it’s approved that we’ll also receive the Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Lite faster or in the not so far forthcoming. The prior was just recognized in Xiaomi’s code for MIUI 12’s Gallery application.


Will the Chinese Manufacturer, Xiaomi release a pair of extra prototypes along with the normal Mi 11 on/8th February 2021? All aspects contemplated, that is anyone’s anticipation. The group is occurring tight-lipped about this, however, we won’t require to hold up for too long to find out.

Until that point, you can discover about the Mi 11 here. The flagship smartphone won’t have several opponents when it reaches Europe. It’ll besides, provide the region its initial flavor of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip as Samsung is only trading Exynos prototypes of the Galaxy S21 sequel there.

What are your assumptions on this event? Do post your opinions on it and stay pitched for further update.


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