Microsoft is trying a different approach to make their Xbox even better by sending surveys to the Xbox owners. The company is sending surveys to Xbox series X and Xbox series S owners, asking them about the PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controllers. 

In the survey they have asked if he/she knows about the PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controller and do they want such a feature in the Xbox too.

They want users to decide if they really need such a feature rather than just installing it because a competitor did so. It is really a great move by the company and is surely going to help them decide the future models.

The survey has other questions also about how did they like the new console, does the design look appealing, etc., basically their review about the new console.

Microsoft might be planning to put the features of the Dual Sense controller in their next model.

Though the features that Dual Sense controller has, are precisely better and worth including in the Xbox. The controller generates different vibrations depending on the game that you are playing and it also has other great features also.

The Dual Sense is really a big update from the company. The design of it looks similar to the Xbox controller. However, Microsoft’s Xbox controllers are just similar to the older versions of the Xbox, there are not many changes.

Though the new Xbox controller has got a number of improvements and new features, it does not feel like an upgraded one as the design is just similar to the previous ones.

What I believe is that rather than doing a server asking about the competitor’s product, Microsoft should focus on improving their own product. Even if they copy the features from PlayStation 5, it won’t make them any better. What do you think? Was it a fair move by Microsoft to send the surveys?


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