X-Men: Why Ultimate Gambit Never Joined the Marvel Team

Marvel’s Gambit is one of the popular members of the X-Men. Fans love this charismatic master thief for his incredible powers. The character can charge virtually any object by just touching it. After being created by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee in 1990’s Uncanny X-Men Annual #4, he became the staple of the X-Men. 

Unfortunately, Gambit never got introduced in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, and most of his counterparts never joined the Ultimate X-Men. Here you will find why the ultimate version of Gambit made it to the team.

Ultimate Gambit got introduced by John Livesay, Esad Ribic, and Chuck Austen in 2002’s Ultimate X-Men #13. He appeared as a hustler who lived on the streets of New York City. One day, he encountered a young girl whose parents were killed by a mobster, Hammerhead. Gambit decided to help the orphan, and that puts Remy (his alter ego) in a collision course with Silvermane and Hammerhead. But Gambit saved the day and sent the orphan somewhere safer.

Then, Ultimate Gambit encountered the X-Men in Ultimate X-Men #50-53 by Brian K. Vaughan, Andy Kubert, and Danny Miki. He worked for Fenris Twins, who created a suit for Gambit, which would control his power instead of charging anything he touched. He was given a task to kidnap X-Men’s Rogue as the recruit for the Fenris Corporation.

Gambit and Rogue fell in love with each other and decided to turn against their corporate overseers. However, their relationship was short-lived. In Ultimate X-Men Annual #1 by Vaughan, Tom Raney, and Scott Hanna, published in 2005, the duo raided a Fenris facility, located in Las Vegas. Their heist does not go according to their plans when Ultimate Juggernaut tracks Rogue and her lover down. In the fight, Juggernaut got defeated, and Gambit was mortally wounded.

In his last moments, Remy allowed Rogue to kiss him and drain out his last life force. That resulted in gaining his powers and memories, and later on, her obtained memories and powers faded away. So this is why Ultimate Gambit never rose from the perception in the X-Men as an antagonist. His only ally was Rogue, and he felt free to use his powers against Professor X’s team.


So Ultimate Universe’s Gambit never wanted to be a part of a team, and he stayed as a free agent till the end. Even after dying, Gambit will live on in the memory, who fought against Juggernaut. Moreover, Rogue will always remember him as she returned to the X-Men.

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