Worms’ Game Developer Licenses Franchies For NFT Project …

The developers of the popular Worms game franchise have gained new licenses to make Worm game NFTs. While the devoted fans of the games are happy over the new development, people involved in the NFT market are not so enthusiastic about it. Here is why.

Worms game
Worms game

The Blacklash

So, the Worm games have been created by Team17. Team17, owing to the massive surge in the popularity of the NFTs has decided that it will make NFTs of some of its most popular game items to make the foundation for their ambitious MetaWorms project. Reality Gaming Group is going to help Team17 in this project.

The announcement of the MetaWorms project and the procurement of the license for the same, has sparked some sparks of criticism from gamers and market experts. Their concern is that the NFT market really does not need more games as there are already plenty which are still struggling to attract players.

The major concern though is for the environment. While games that pay are good things, the energy required to mint and secure the NFTs they provide is huge. As everything is run by electricity, more electric power is required to support these ever-growing NFT based games. And as the major supply of electricity is still done by burning coal, more electricity means more harm to the environment.

Yes there is hydropower plants and wind farms that also provide electricity, but the energy output by them is not enough to host, mint and secure these very large NFT based games.

Owing to this criticism Team17 has assured that Reality Gaming Group will be using a technology that will include their sidechain instead of the main chain. The use of the sidechain will reduce up to 90% energy consumption, as claimed by Reality Gaming Group.

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