World Trigger Season 4 Release Update

Are you a fan of time travel or space travel and fight to safeguard the population from any harm and uphold justice? Then, you probably would be a fan of World Trigger as well!

Yes, today we bring you all exciting and updated insights on World Trigger. One good news is that there’s a possibility of season 4 but there is no official confirmation for the same. 

Overview of World Trigger

The World Trigger manga series was created and illustrated by Daisuke Ashihara. 

An interface from another world unlocks, allowing neighbors to infiltrate the present. Neighbors must be defeated, and civilian populations must be protected by covert Borders. Border police use “triggers,” a type of technology, to combat the neighbors. Conflicts between the Neighbours and the Borders have become commonplace, and the town continues to function normally. In 2014, an anime adaptation of World Trigger was released. The first season of the show consists of 73 episodes. It was brought back for the second and third seasons. Season 2 featured a total of 12 episodes.

The audience has received World Trigger with great enthusiasm. You won’t probably believe that World Trigger backed the 14th position in a survey conducted in Japan in 2021. With this, we can lean towards the possibility of season 4.

Release date

The World Trigger season 4 has yet to be announced. On February 27th, 2022, there will be a World Trigger Festival. There’s a good chance the event will reveal more information about the latest fourth season. This event will feature a Japanese voice cast from the anime’s most recent two seasons. The fourth season, on the other hand, is scheduled to premiere around the end of 2022.


The cast is an important step towards filming a great anime that is loved by all the viewers. Here are some of the voice actors that have high chances of being seen in season 4.

  • Yuki Kaji plays Osamu Mikumo
  • Tomo Muranaka plays Yuuma Kuga. 
  • Chika Amatori is portrayed by Nao Tamura 
  • Yuichi Jin is portrayed by Yuichi Nakamura
  • Masafumi Shinoda is voiced by Takeshi Kusao
  • There are more to the list but we will keep it short and only mention the main protagonists. 


As there is no official announcement about the release of season 4, the trailer part is also on hold. So, fans and enthusiasts of World Trigger who are waiting patiently for the next season’s trailer and episodes would have to continue waiting patiently. 

World Trigger Season 4 Expected plot

Well, there is no confirmation for this also, we are providing an estimate to soothe your curiosity. From all the intel we have gathered so far, we can say that there won’t be much of a plot or story in it and would most probably continue with a daily routine of learning and fighting to keep the city away from harm. The protagonists’ duties and strengths remain the same and will continue to lead people to safety. 

So, that’s all for today’s updates! If there are more updates, we will upload them here for you all. There is no official announcement yet regarding season 4 so, fans would have to wait for now. But, do you think there is a chance that a new character may get involved in this new season if it gets confirmed?

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