Finding strange, abrasive, difficult arthouse fabrication alongside the usual star-studded prestigious fare is one of the year’s end film festival cycle’s great pleasures. With decades of high-spirited filmmakers struggling to secure a cultural environment, the most talked-about films in the autumn season, and even going into the prize season, are frequently the most unexpected.

Naturally, it’s impossible to predict which film will be the year’s “Dogtooth” or “Mother,” but if we had to guess, Nathalie Biancheri’s “Wolf” is one upcoming 2021 film that appears poised to make a big and audacious splash.

 On this Irish-Polish Focus Feature, everything screams underground hits: attention-grabbing topics, underrated character actors, upcoming filmmakers about to make a breakthrough, and a December release date.

About Wolf release date? 

‘Wolf’ was shot between August and October 2020, as an independent production made possible by the collaborative efforts of several European studio and fund companies, with COVID-19 safety measures in place, following a several-month delay in the original schedule due to the pandemic. Focus Features purchased it for distribution from Universal Pictures International not long after the package was wrapped.

The team announced the release date at the end of May of that year: 3 December 2021. This is the first weekend after Thanksgiving, and Guillermo del Toro’s “Nightmare Alley” is in theatres. 

The decision to release “Wolf” in December, during the prestigious season between autumn festivals and winter awards at the end of the year, suggests that “Wolf” is either a prize-winner or, at the very least, a know-how-informed counter-programming with more standard “respectful” titles that typically conclude theatrical events by December.

What we further know about the cast of wolf? 

The names of the main characters in “Wolf” have been known for some time, as the cast was already announced by Georg MacKay (“1917”) and Lily-Rose Depp by delay as early as February 2020. (“Voyagers”). Director Nathalie Biancheri revealed the names of some other key cast members months later in an interview. Paddy Considine and the underrated Irish actress Eileen Walsh, for example, are both film therapeutic, as are Senan Jennings (“Vivarium”), Lola Pettirew (“Dating Amber”), and “Young Discovery.”

What will be the ‘Wolf’ about

The most infamous aspect of Wolf that has been revealed thus far — and the reason the film has been so eagerly anticipated since its announcement — is undoubtedly its premise. According to sources, Jacob is on a story, the boy who believes he is a wolf trapped in a human body, and who “eats, sleeps, and lives as the wolf — much to his family’s surprise.” He then went to a clinic where he was told that “Jacob and his animal-born peers are increasingly being forced to undergo extreme forms of “curative” therapy.”


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