Witnesses Expose R. Kelly’s Rules Inside His “Chocolate Factory” Studio: Describe the Life Private suburban Chicago mansion

According to the CNN reports some witnesses testified against the R. Kelly’s.  There is a mansion where Kelly previously lived and worked. This mansion is located outside of Chicago in the hamlet of Olympia Fields.  During R. Kelly’s trial in Brooklyn, witnesses talked about the range of his controlling rules that he established inside his Illinois mansion.  

More details 

The witness revealed that the female guest had to follow the set of restrictions.

For instance, they were obligated to wear baggy clothes and have to avoid eye contact.

Furthermore, they are not allowed to speak with other men and. Lastly, they are not allowed to leave the room without Kelly’s permission, said Kelly former workers. 

Anthony Navarro who work for Kelly in 2007, associated the studio of Kelly that is his mansion with “like the twilight zone”.

He also said that in all this play he had to pick up meals for Kelly and his friends. And, sometimes have to answer the phone. 

Anthony testified that “It was almost like the Twilight Zone when you went into the gate like you’re in this different world that was just a strange place,”

Anthony also said that “They weren’t supposed to be wandering around,” Navarro explained during the trial. “They had to get permission to do most things. They’d have to call either down to the studio or get a hold of Rob if they wanted anything, like food or things like that.”

To recap R. Kelly have a set of rules that everyone has to follow inside his mansion. And, he tortured people which seems not right. 

Well, basis the information, it seemed that Kelly has been pretty strict about her rules that we are certain pretty difficult to digest for fans. In that context, let us know what’s your view. Until then, keep reading with us for more updates.


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