Microsoft has launched a new update of windows 10 where they have introduced some new improvements in the accessibility apps. The company has also disabled a good feature we don’t know why. it has temporarily disabled copy and paste screen captures with the update. The company said that there was some issue that people were facing with the new insider program because of which they had to disable the feature, but they will soon enable it back after the issue gets resolved.

As the company has said and the feature is also getting disabled for the early access program only, we believe that the issue will be resolved soon in the stable version, users won’t have to worry about that.

However, there are a lot of other features which changed with the new update. their company has made numerous optimizations with the new update.

There was an update in August last year where the clipboard started to copy images and html content also which was earlier limited to text only. Users could also delete the clipboard items after having used them. The company really released a lot of new improvements in the softwares like they improved their cloud clipboard utility through which user could copy and paste items between multiple devices, they also launched a new link format feature where they let user to specify if they want to copy the link as html or a plain text. and these are not the only updates, the company has many other small improvements like these which they have launched.


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