The troublesome bug in Windows 10 has received a permanent fix this time. This bug pops a message that says your system is going to reboot.

For those who say no to this only gets a one minute time to save all their ongoing work within this period of 1 min.   

All the affected user find themselves being faced with a message that informs “Your PC will automatically restart in one minute.” 

And further says your Windows 10 need to restart and no other option available apart from this just save your file as early as possible. 

You can think, how annoying this would be if you are in the middle of your work and suddenly this issue occur. All you do is just rush to save as many ongoing files as you could.

However, as per Microsoft this issue only hit in a very limited set of Windows 10 OS. The news got official confirmation from the company in November 2020. 

The actual reason said to be when a user renamed as ‘guest’ or ‘administrator’ to his local account.  

Fix deployed

After an official confirmation from Microsoft, a fix has been deployed for the current issue. 

In a  Microsoft support document by Windows Latest highlighted the resolution of this issue has been explained. Where the document says a fresh and latest update is provided to all Windows 10 users facing this issue on January 7, 2020. 

The user who wants to get this issue fixed can simply update to this latest version of Windows 10, and in case not ye received the update message will get soon. 

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