Willsmith’s Big New Movie Just Left Hbo Max

The Willsmith starrer movie King Richard has left the popular HBO Max streaming service. Why did this happen and what is the movie generally about. All that is right ahead and coming your way right now.

The Reason

King Richard released on 18th November 2021 in the theatres and on HBO Max. This happened under the 2021 Warner Bros. release scheme. Under this scheme all the Warner Bros movies for the year 2021 release in the theatres and HBO Max together. The movies remain in the HBO Max streaming service for 31 days after the release.

After this period the movies are taken down from HBO Max and later made available as on demand home videos. This is the very thing that has happened with King Richard. The movie for now will not be available anywhere except for few selected theatres.

We believe that once the movie will leave the theatre, it will be made available as on demand home video for a price yet to disclosed.

Here are some quick facts about the movie.

King Richard

Quick Facts

The movie has been made on a budget of $50 million. The movie though could only manage a box office value of $24.9 million across the world.

It is obvious from this stat that the film is a financial failure. Despite this Will Smith has been able to bag a few awards because of this movie. He won the Best Actor Award provided by the National Board of Review. 

The critics have also praised Willsmith natural acting in the movie. While commenting on this Will Smith revealed that he felt connected with his character in the movie and it was very satisfying and easy for him to portray his character just right by not over doing things.

King Richard proves that the box office collection of a movie is not always everything.

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