Will We Ever Find out What Actually Happened to Sokka After ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’?

Hope that our audience has seen “The legend of Korra”. Or are planning to see that. Then, let us tell you all that it is the series of “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. 

Since “The Legend of Korra” was dropped in on nickelodeon, the character of Sokka was loved very much by the audience. But they all got upset when he actually got disappeared in the further episodes of “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. 

And audience started to search that how did Sokka die. We are here to discuss what actually happened to him. But before that, we have to know that who is Avatar this time.

Who is Avatar in this follow up series?

This time, Avatar is Korra, replacing Aang from the previous Avatar. All avatar lover audience must be knowing that Aang is from South Water Tribe, which makes him very powerful. Aang was the only one who keeps earth, water, and fire under his belt and masters the art of air bending.

But Sokka was not less than that. Let us tell you more about Sokka before revealing that how did Sokka die.

Sokka and his powers? present sir!

If talked about his personal life, Sokka was living with his grandmother after the sad demise of his mother. 

Powers of Sokka:

Well, just like Aang, Sokka was under United Republic Council, holding the powers of South Water Tribe. His special power was to give the influencing speech using his boomerang power. But more than that, he was very calm and eloquent according to his age.

Let us tell you all that he was just a teenager. 

Sokka was the only one from his tribe who holds the position of “Chief Sokka”, which shows the clear possibility of becoming the chief captain of Southern Water Tribe. He was the one who constantly made the efforts to prove himself and become like his father.

It is undeniable fact that Sokka was indeed a powerful scholar. 

But the thing is what happened to Sokka and how did Sokka die?

Reason for the demise of Sokka:

According to Katara, episode 1 of “The Legend of Sokka” was holding the reason for death of Sokka. When peeped into flashbacks, it is also known that Sokka declared the blood bending crime avatar, Yakonne. Which proves that he is unique bender like Man and Toph. 

In season 3, Tenzin claims that Sokka was with the criminals who wanted to abduct kid Korra. This means that he must have died between 74-80.

Tenzin was the son of Katara and Aang.

Final words:

At last, Sokka was seen as the memorial statue outside Southern Water Tribe Cultural Centre. which clearly signifies Sokka has lived his life with utmost respect doing best for his mates and did the great to bring balance to the world. 

This is a small tribute video to the character of Sokka which shows how 36 times he nailed his power.

Character of Sokka will always remain in our heart.


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