Will there be a The Raid 3 Ever?

The most acclaimed martial arts film named The Raid of the 21st century by director Gareth Evans is not going to launch its third sequel. As per the reports, there will be no Raid 3, ever, and unfortunately, you have to say goodbye to the classy Silat-based action series.

When the first installment of this film hit the theatres in 2011, it seriously created havoc and left the audience in shock. But now the director of the superb Indonesian film doesn’t ’t have time to create its third sequel as he’s working on other projects.

Why The Raid 3 Never Happened?

Both parts of the movie received lots of appreciation and positive reviews (86% on Rotten Tomatoes) from critics but still, the creator is unable to manage its third part. Fans of the thrilling film are seriously desperate and have been willing for a third installment but the director refused to make it because of several reasons.

One of the most important reasons is the busy schedule of the main character of the film named Iko Uwais who has become one of the biggest martial arts stars in the world. He maintained his image after his debut in Evans’ film and wowed the fans in movies like Beyond Skyline and The Night Comes For Us. Handsome actor Uwais is busy in the shooting of Netflix series named Wu Assassins and its upcoming sequel, Fistful of Vengeance.

In an interview held with Impact Online (via AICN), the creator of the Raid stated that he was closing the chapter on that franchise and ended the story pretty well in its second part.  While promoting its 2018 film named Apostle also, he reiterated this point and stated that he didn’t jump back into The Raid world again.Hence, Evans already gave us two hints that he’s not going to make the third part of the film and ended the second part properly.

Hence, Evans already gave us two hints that he’s not going to make the third part of the film and ended the second part properly.

What’s the basic plot of the film?

The movie revolves around a trained officer Rama who worked in a SWAT team and was coincidentally trapped in the Jakarta apartment complex where he saved the lives of various people. The apartment complex was filled with killers and psychopaths and every situation in this film is a life-or-death situation. Stay in touch as maybe the creator Evans change his mind and will make the third sequel. Fingers Crossed!

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