Will Smith’s Westbrook Entertainment and Netflix groups announced today that the actor would naturally transition to diverse comedies. Smith is preparing to host his first variety comedy, and while there are few details at this time, what we do know sounds fantastic. He is expected to bring “surprise celebrity guests” to Smith’s variety show, as well as a “interview/talk” feature, “great” musical performances, and sketch comedy. It appears to capitalise on all of Will’s strengths, including the high quality of the content. The special, whose title has yet to be revealed, will be an hour long production that will air globally later this year. This could be one of the major streaming events in 2021!

WIll Smith and Westbrook Entertainment Team With Netflix for First-Ever Variety Comedy Special
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Will Smith is going to make a series in Youtube about getting in shape

 Will Smith turns its abysses into dollars by producing a show about his fitness trip. Smith is the star of My Life’s most popular YouTube fitness series. Smith will follow the six-part docuseries, which he is attempting to transcend the title, according to Entertainment Tonight. Professional athletes, fitness and health professionals, doctors, and other YouTube content creators will appear as guests to help Smith “improve every aspect of his condition from agility to recovery and more.”

WIll Smith and Westbrook Entertainment Team With Netflix for First-Ever Variety Comedy Special
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Smith made the announcement in addition to the Instagram post. This is the body that got me through the pandemic and countless days of sweetheart grass. “I love my body, but I want to feel better,” he wrote. Midnight muffins will no longer exist… that’s it! MY BEST SHAPE EVER! I’ll jump right in! I collaborate with @YouTube to keep my health and wellness on track. I’m hoping it works!”

Will Smith Unpacks Janet Huberts ‘Fresh Prince fued on ‘Red Table’: After the first three seasons of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the actress who played Aunt Vivian switched to Janet Hubert, sparking years of fan speculation, and Daphne Maxwell Reid. But Hubert’s true motivation had never been revealed before this week. Smith appeared at Red Table on Wednesday following a special meeting with Fresh Prince to discuss the origins of her feud with psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula.

WIll Smith and Westbrook Entertainment Team With Netflix for First-Ever Variety Comedy Special
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Smith used comedy as a defence mechanism 

 Durvasula and Smith discussed the special clips and how the episodes were disconnected from one another. They eventually traced it back to Smith’s difficult childhood. Will stated that he became an entertainer at a young age to relieve the stress of growing up in an aggressive household. My father was abusive in my home. 

So the joking, fun, and stupid part of Will Smith’s entire creation was to keep my father entertained enough not to hurt my mom or anyone else in the house “He stated. He stated. “Right? When someone comes to me like that, it takes away an area of inadequate childhood from me, and the boy is fully in that area, and I will perform, dance, and tell jokes, right? People were having a good time laughing, which was my defence mechanism.

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