Will live casino ever come to Georgia?

Live casino games are trailblazing gambling industries around the world, offering a more realistic casino gaming experience that can rival a visit to a land-based establishment. With a real dealer and more interaction, there’s never been a more accessible betting experience. But these experiences remain out of reach for residents where gambling is heavily restricted, such as Georgia. So, will live gaming ever land in Georgia?

Is gambling legal in Georgia?

Georgia has some of the strictest gambling laws of any country. Casino games, horse racing, and many other types of sports betting are banned. The only forms of gambling that are currently legal are state lotteries and raffles, but even the latter must be for charitable causes. The only way for locals to enjoy some form of betting action in Georgia is to visit a casino on board the Emerald Princess vessel that departs from Brunswick, but even here, you cannot place sports bets on board.

Some locals wishing to experience a casino choose to play at online sites outside of Georgia’s jurisdiction. These international online sites with a growing pool of live casino games make that possible. Live propositions are typically blackjack, poker, and roulette streamed from a studio with a real dealer that interacts with players.

Will gambling become legal?

There have been many attempts to make the gambling ban in Georgia less rigid. Some of the biggest international bookmakers and casinos have attempted to change the minds of decision-makers, but their arguments have so far fallen on deaf ears.

Over recent years there has been a lot of activity to try and make sports betting legal, which could then open the door to other forms of gambling, including casinos and live gaming. The next big decision will come in January 2022, when a new legislative session begins. In November of the same year, another vote on the legalization of sports betting will commence. This could be pivotal for the future of legal gambling in the country.

Will live games ever be allowed?

The legalization of live casino games in Georgia will be determined by the overarching gambling laws on land-based and online gambling. In the future, there may come a time when casino and online gambling are legalized in some form, and if it is, there is a likelihood that live propositions will also be allowed.

There have been many arguments put forward to allow online gambling in Georgia, not limited to:

1.   Increased tax revenue for the state

2.   New job opportunities

3.   Increase tourism to the region

4.   There are already many local tech professionals and companies who could make it work

5.   Attract international investment

There’s no doubt that casinos provide an opportunity to change society. We will have to wait and see if more accessible gambling and live products become part of Georgia in the future.


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