It’s a well-known fact that DC and Marvel have adopted various strategies to bringing their comic book characters to our screens. 

The DCEU and the MCU both have vibrant fanbases that are glad to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each. Presently, Zack Snyder himself has said something regarding why he figures DC movies wouldn’t work in the event that they went the method of Marvel movies. 

Zack and his experiences

Zack Snyder certainly has some set of experiences with DC. From Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman to Justice League, his highs and lows with the DCEU have been all around archived. He’s additionally one of the movie producers who has the best handle on the methodology that Warner Bros. has taken with the DC movies. 

Watch Zack Snyder’s Justice League trailer: 

In a new conversation with TheFilmJunkees, Zack Snyder said that DC Movies experienced a period where they needed to navigate “the middle step” in carrying characters from the page to the screen. These days, however, he thinks they’ve sorted out the direction really well 

Zack’s opinion on this comment

He said that he found the way that DC movies, TV arrangement, and energized films all event simultaneously was less estranging to their fanbase. Zack Snyder feels that approach permits fans to see the characters in various manners without having to stress over whether a storyline they enjoyed would “check” later on. The chief likewise feels that is one of the fundamental contrasts between the DCEU and the MCU: 

Whether you favour the DCEU or the MCU way to deal with narrating, Zack Snyder certainly puts forth a convincing defence for how the two contrast. 

It will be fascinating to perceive how he extends the Justice League multiverse whenever we at last get an opportunity to see the Snyder Cut on HBO Max in 2021.

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