Why the Sports Industry is Booming in 2021

2021 was a big year for sports betting, and 2022 is looking to be even bigger. Many US states have legalized the online form of sports betting, bringing millions of dollars of revenue in over a few months. The other states–and even Canadian provinces–are aiming to have their sports betting ready for the 2022 Super Bowl. The acceptance of sports betting is growing as well with the Empire State being one of the most recent states. New York City residents haven’t had access to sports betting without leaving the city before, meaning millions more people will be eligible bettors once legal sports betting in NY kicks off. 

If you’re looking to make a little extra money after the holiday season, and have a lot of sports knowledge, sports betting might be for you. If your country or state didn’t already legalize sports betting, it’s probably coming soon or available already. New betting laws are putting online gambling in both casino and sports wagering front and center. Combined with the post-lockdown excitement over the return of major league games, sports is set to be more profitable than ever next year. 

A side effect of the increased sports betting business is that sports as a whole see more money. Since bettors are putting their own money on the line, they get more invested in the games and teams. And when fans get more invested, they’re more likely to buy merchandise and tickets to games. Food services also tend to do better when connected to sports. Imagine someone winning big–their next move is likely to have a drink to celebrate or buy a nice dinner. It’s easy to see how sports-related businesses all profit from the rise of sports betting. 

Sports Betting And The NFL

The 2021 NFL season was a huge deal. It added more games to make for 17 regular-season games. It also marked the return of American Football after the pandemic shut down public events. Because of how huge an event this was, many lawmakers and businesses timed their sports betting laws to come online in time for the season or at least the championship Super Bowl game. 

Revenue numbers suggest that this worked. The states that started in 2021 made money that was on the level of Atlantic City. States that legalized online gambling over the summer posted huge numbers in particular. Even in these uncertain economic times, people were quick to spend money on sports betting. 

With Super Bowl Sunday a few weeks away, sports bars and restaurants should also see a boost. Fans will want to watch the games with friends again after a year apart in lockdown, and toast to their fantasy sports victories. The big return of football has shown exactly how sports betting can push the sales of food, beverage, tickets, and products. 

Ways Everyone Can Profit

It’s not just the big businesses that stand to win. If you plan for it, you can make some money off of the excitement around sports and sports betting. If you need a part-time job, you might want to check in on your local sports bar or sports-themed store. They will likely want extra help for the upcoming Super Bowl and spring seasons.

If you are more business-minded, you could look into selling sports memorabilia online. With fan hype at high levels, people are probably going to be looking for unique sports gifts to give to their loved ones. And of course, you could try your hand at sports betting. It’s a great chance to put your knowledge to use as you bet on particular spreads or even minor leagues. Whatever you choose, it’s clear that there’s big money in sports at the moment and for the foreseeable future. 


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