“Companies in every industry need to assume that a software revolution is coming”

Since 2020 every sector and business face a hard time during the pandemic except the one sector. This is the only sector that grows during the pandemic. 

Do you know which sector I’m talking about? 

Well, I’m talking about the software companies and the technology sector. 

According to the researches, digital innovation takes shape and many of us are restricted to living and working in our residences. 

But, the tech sector, which is already growing at 2.5 times the rate of other industries, has seen an even bigger splash.

A small selection of U.S. software and online business companies operated through to the global epidemic with such explosive growth that their business.

Now it is more than twice as big as it was before the world learned about Covid-19 in a year when technology was booming.

But what are the reasons that software company is booming so fast? 

Let’s know the reasons behind the fast growth software sector!


There are 2 major reasons that software company has seen such excellent growth. Here are the 2 reasons: 

1. Demand For Services Has Grown

Regardless of the fact that the requirement even for the most important internet services is expected to decline through 2020, data and software developer jobs are expected to grow. 

During the first few months of the pandemic, software development positions increased by 8%, according to a report by Randstad, a recruitment and employment agency.

But, the most remarkable surge, however, appeared before the coronavirus was widely known, with demand for IT jobs increasing by 93 percent in January 2020 compared to December the preceding year.

2. Consumer Demands Are Changed

That is no bit surprising that Covid-19 shattered consumer expectations.

For many people, the days of relaxing in-person surfing the web are a faded memory, thanks to online grocery ordering, eCommerce sites, and click-and-collect services.

Sellers and service providers needed to create slick online platforms or apps that advertised their business.

And, allowed for faraway purchasing if they wanted their products and services to reach their target audience. 

So, that is the reason that in 2020, we heard small software company names

But, the growth of the tech sector also has some negative effects on people’s lives.

But what is the negative effect? 

well, there is one major effect. Let’s know what it is!


The major negative effect on people’s lives is the added pressure on the labor shortage.

Identifying the perfect talent already was complicated before the pandemic and the industry’s future performance.

Furthermore, the online skill shortage was already going to widen, with 9 out of 10 businesses reporting that it had an implication on their recruitment.

The pandemic has just not helped as by 2020, nearly 800,000 new jobs in programming language and related fields will have been created.

But, nearly half of those jobs will have had their interviews canceled or postponed due to the pandemic. 

Even after the sector’s development, many businesses have slowed or stopped hiring, with 81 percent of tech start-ups and 62 percent of SMEs having to consider or make layoffs.


From the above statics, we can clearly see that the future software sector appears to be bright, thanks to more flexible hybrid successful models.

But even so, because the events of the pandemic have disrupted every aspect of the tech industry.

But, the software sector is likely to continue to feel the effects of the coronavirus for some time.

Hope this article helped you to fulfill your purpose!

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