With the insanely fast changes of our current world, we can safely state that the golden age of acquiring online clients came to an end. We could recognize this era when it was golden from the following signs: online purchases became increasingly frequent, and even though many service providers appeared on the market, most of them weren’t too marketing-savvy to offer an exceptional service. While the demand had risen, the supply wasn’t sophisticated enough. 

When under these circumstances an entrepreneur offered their service via a sophisticated sales funnel, then they rose above the remainder of service providers who didn’t offer their services through a marketing funnel. Back then, the strategy to help motivate the highest number of clients in their decisions to buy products worked. This way, as a service provider, you could offer something new, and better than your competition. Because the market wasn’t saturated.

When you are offering a marketing funnel, you need to start with a very low-priced offer to turn your cold leads into prospective clients. So, if you used a sales funnel some years ago, chances are, you could earn a lot more than your competitors. What has changed since the golden age of sales funnels dating back to a few years? Many competitors still don’t use modern marketing tools, but a growing number of entrepreneurs do. Potential Clients Had Enough of Services  

Even if the majority of entrepreneurs don’t use the best marketing, a small percentage of entrepreneurs who market their services well can lead to market saturation. The same happened to sales funnels, whoever used it successfully in the beginning, after a while the online market became saturated with it. Potential clients got fed up with the fact that they are targeted by too many offers, and very quickly. 

They also realized the hook behind the low-priced offers, that offered to buy even more services after a purchase. Clients who wanted to buy services became unsure of who was the highest-quality service provider that could serve their specific needs the best. The same applies to services with memberships where businesses charge you a small amount monthly. When enrolling on a monthly paid low-fee membership, no one expects big changes in their lives. 

We know for a small fee we cannot get personal support, or learn the essence of the specialist’s knowledge. Therefore, it can only be of only a very small significance to your life. It could be the first stage of sales the most, but it does not solve your problem! In the past years, people started getting fed up with the myriads of low-priced offers given by service providers and did not find those who could truly serve them offering a high-quality service and solving their problems. 

How the Sales Funnel Became Less Valuable

Due to the offers and information overload on the market, the sales funnel started losing its value and power. Hooking many clients with a low-amount offer does not work anymore today. Why? Because clients in 2022, need the best solution tailored to them to solve their problems. They need to see clearly where they are stuck and resolve that with a specialist that can help them step forward. Every player has become more sophisticated, including the market itself. 

People don’t want to feel a sense of urgency anymore. Most of them don’t want to be targeted with cheap offers anymore, they only want a competent specialist to support them solve their problems. There has been a paradigm shift. The question is how can you do well in this challenging time? First, you must understand that the key to good marketing is effective communication. You can only become an effective communicator if you can have an impact. 

As a service provider who is not offering products, you must bring forth a desire in your clients’ minds to be willing to achieve change with your help. You cannot expect your clients who just came across your advert, to understand why the core of their problems, to see how you can help them, and expect them to see you as one who can truly help them, tackling their excuses, all within a few minutes time. You cannot expect them to be committed to you and your services. 

Why Marketing Ploys Don’t Work 

If you are a small business provider, your success comes from changing lives. If you want to grab your clients’ attention in a tricky way, then force them to make a quick purchasing decision, you can only expect similar results from them. Your clients can react in a pedantic, incomprehensible way. This way, you cannot get truly committed clients. A high-quality marketing conversation starts by engaging clients with adequate information and time. 

So if your marketing is good, you successfully communicate the information your clientele needs and give them enough time to understand it. If you want to provide your clients with the information they need the fastest, and in the shortest time possible. The Sales Funnel operates like this, cold prospects click on your convincing offer and your aim is to sell them as quickly as possible. Webinars work similarly, where you also aim your clients to make a quick decision. 

Don’t Put Time Pressure on Clients

When you urge your clients it usually negatively affects them. They will sense that something isn’t okay. It was alright in the golden age of small businesses when there weren’t too many offers available. It could seem like you are an entrepreneur with vibrant offers with whom your clients can grow. But today, it became very hard to pick the right service provider among the endless offers. The question is whose offer is the most suitable for them. 

If you want to provide the information too fast, you cannot achieve true change. The majority of your clientele are very stuck, hence it is not enough to spend an hour with them first. Even if you are providing them with a lot of information, they cannot embrace it. If you talk hours with your client about the possible solution, they will get tired pretty soon. So even though you are giving them a lot of quantity, you will have quality problems. Accelerated sales are never a good idea. 

Your Ideal Client

With an accelerated sales process you cannot sell a higher-priced offer because of the lack of information. When clients don’t understand something, they don’t want to buy from you. But if you can only sell low-priced offers, you will make your clients think they have to work with that. Even though it can be easier to sell lower-priced offers, you are going to slow down the development. And you cannot tailor your offering to your ideal client.

You need a website and automated processes to serve many different clients through a sales funnel. Because you cannot spend time with your clients. But if it is automated and not tailored to individual needs, it is hard to convince your ideal clients. Yet, you can expect the most from your niche, if you directly sell to your desired customers following a thorough needs analysis and discussion for understanding. 

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