Starring Emilia Clarke and Tom Golding, Last Christmas arrived at Sky Cinema last year. From romance to humor, the film has got it all. The film is co-written by Emma Thompson and contains a lot of George Michael songs. It was supposed to be a Christmas delight! But why did it fail to gain love from the viewers? Let’s check out what went wrong in this film and why it became a big flop.

It did collect $120 million worldwide even after becoming a festive flop. Many viewers called it a horrid and awful film. Some even gave one star without talking much about the film. When the trailer got dropped it didn’t do any favors to the film. They also argued that it was one of the worst movies ever. After watching the first look, viewers realized that Kate undergoes some kind of surgery. They predicted that Tom falls in love with her for her down-on-her-luck Londoner.

After the film premiered, Director Paul Feig said that he regrets putting so much in the trailer. He added that he wished that they hadn’t added that part in there. Viewers were right about their speculations, and that led to criticism of the film being too predictable. Some people knew that even before setting a foot in the theaters, the film was fighting a losing battle. They expected the film to prove them wrong about the twist. However, it did not happen, and that made the film look a bit rubbish.

Viewers who went to the theaters were hoping for the bauble to drop. After watching the film, they felt that they were correct about the film. However, there was a lot more drama to watch than the twist. All the supporting characters were refreshing and funny. Golding’s Tom looked very handsome and likable. His gentleman nature and whimsical presence would lift anybody’s mood.

Final Words

Don’t be too harsh on Last Christmas and give it another go. Those who haven’t watched this film can watch it during this Christmas season by streaming it in your home. Maybe the film will turn out to be amazing once you try to see past the twist. So go and watch it now! After watching this film, maybe you will end up saying that “I was a fool for thinking this as a rubbish film.” You can watch the flick on NOW TV and Sky Cinema.

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