Why are companies racing to hire the best talent in technology?

The right team is frequently cited by successful startup founders as a key factor in their success. This is primarily due to the enormous impact that an early hire can have on shaping the growth trajectory of a startup.

The journey that its members take together shapes a great team. However, the first step is to hire the right people. Hiring employees who are culturally compatible and have the technical skillsets required by the company can help startups succeed faster.

These people help to build a fantastic company where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts! While every startup aspires to do so, it is easier said than done. A number of obstacles must be overcome in order to realise this ideal vision. Let’s hear what businesses have to say about the hiring issues they’re currently facing.

When it came to finding new employees, more than half (53 percent) of hiring managers cited “access to candidates with relevant skills” as the most difficult challenge. This just goes to show how difficult it is to find exceptional talent. Thirty-one percent of hiring managers cite a lack of hiring resources as the most difficult challenge (staffing firms, agencies, etc.). Companies must find better and more innovative recruiting solutions to make the hiring process easier.

Because of the small pool of qualified applicants, tech hiring managers face numerous challenges when trying to find developers

  • A lack of soft skills/workplace competencies, according to many hiring managers, is a major challenge for developers.
  • Employers who lose their best employees due to competing offers come in fourth place.

The Top Hiring Obstacle in the Technology Sector

Previously, hiring managers discussed the challenges they face when trying to hire developers. Let us concentrate on the following issues:

Fierce rivalry with other businesses

Companies obviously compete with one another to find and retain the best employees. Businesses are forced to compete fiercely for their best and brightest employees due to a scarcity of top-tier employees. Smaller businesses find it difficult to make good hires on a consistent basis due to the presence of tech behemoths.

It’s possible that geography plays a role as well. Consider InVision, a design software company that employs a completely remote workforce. The scarcity of skilled software developers in New York made it difficult for startups to grow their staff. Worse, Google had only recently opened a new office in Manhattan. As a result, InVision was unable to form a viable New York team.


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