Ifeoma Ozoma, a Pinterest whistleblower, created a website with tools to assist other tech workers in speaking out.

As reported by The Washington Post in 2020, ‘They were underpaid, faced racial insults from their manager, and suffered retaliation,’ Ozoma and Aerica Shimizu Banks, who worked as a Pinterest policy officer for a while, said in an article that went viral.

This discovery has harmed the social networking platform’s reputation in the technology industry as a result of it. Since then, it has been putting up significant effort to restore its public image.

Not only has Ozoma filed a grievance against her employer, but so has a number of other employees. For example, according to a recent report in the Guardian, Google employee Chelsey Glasson filed a lawsuit against the company over pregnancy discrimination a year ago and was subjected to retribution as a result of her actions.

Her arraignment is set to take place in January of the following year. French actress Frances Haugen made an appearance to speak out against Facebook on a variety of issues, including the company’s emphasis on business over user safety. Last but not least,

Tech Worker Handbook

Ozona is launching the Tech Worker Handbook, a website she discussed with Fast Company recently in order to empower tech employees to speak out against misconduct at their companies.

The IT Worker Handbook, according to Ozoma, was created after she noticed that many tech workers were reluctant to talk with the media, even after coming into touch with a member of the news media.

She also discovered that these potential whistleblowers had a misunderstanding of the terms “off the record” and “on the background,” which she corrected. She also discovered that many were unsure of where to turn for legal advice, so she decided to create a website to serve as a resource for those in need.

According to Ozoma, it is a “collection of resources that can assist people in making the best decision for themselves.” The idea of “Preparation is Power” is extensively discussed in The Tech Worker Handbook, which lends credence to this notion.

The Legal, Media, Security, and Stories parts of the book contain information on the book’s numerous authors, as well as other information. However, the site is still in its infancy, and sections such as the Legal part, which provides information on how to get started and how to put together a support network during the process, are still in development.

More information than what has been supplied here can be found in The Tech Worker Handbook, which is available online. This website, it is reasonable to assume, will play an essential part in the education of future whistleblowers.


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