When will the “Erased Season 2” release?

There are many hidden anime gems on Netflix, but “Erased” is a fan favourite. Despite the fact that there are only 12 short episodes, viewers want more on the unique time-course store. Is there anything else in the store? 

The sci-fi series follows 29-year-old Satoru Fujinuma. When a person’s life is in danger, Satoru Fujinuma can travel back in time for a short period of time. However, after his mother was murdered, he was sent to elementary school 18 years ago. His mother’s fate is now intertwined with the fates of his three kidnapped and murdered classmates.

“Erased” was adapted into a live-action film, an animation show, and a Netflix live-action series in Japan as a series of eight-volume manga shows called “Boku dake ga Inai Machi” and the “Town where only I miss”.

When Is it releasing?

Because it is unknown whether “Erased” will be renewed for a second season, a release date is not yet available. The animation has been completed for five years, but it has brought new fans to Netflix streaming. You may notice that Netflix and the animation studio A-1 Images will produce the much-desired second season if they demonstrate sufficient enthusiasm for the series. After all, Netflix recently developed a strong interest in anime and produced a large number of its own.

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What will the plot be? 

While the anime did not strictly follow the manga plot, the murder mystery was resolved and loose ends were left hanging. So, what else is there to cover in Season 2? Of course, the authors could create a new story based on Satoru’s ability to travel time that has nothing to do with the source material. However, the manga had a spin-off novel that looked into the killer’s motivations and what happened after the “Erased” events.

This material may be used in “Erased” Season 2, but the format will most likely differ significantly from that used in Stage 1.


Season 2 has yet to be announced, so the potential cast remains a mystery. It would be entirely dependent on the plot and thus the characters. The main character in the season “Erased season 1” has two voice actors who are of very different ages, but this may be redundant in future episodes.

Ben Diskin is 29 years old and plays Satoru in the English dub, while Michelle Ruff is 10 years old. Both have extensive experience as voice actors in Western and anime English dubs. Fans may have recognised Discin as Sai in “Naruto: Shippuden” and “Boruto,” or as Joseph Joestar in “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.”

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