The New Bangalore Skin For Apex Legends Is Causing The Game To Crash

When using the new Bangalore skin, Apex Legends crashes. Respawn has updated Apex Legends with new skins for Bangalore as well as a new intro animation for the character. It’s a shame that the skin is currently crashing other people’s games.

Mil-Spec skinned players were barred from entering the lobby. This issue, which was first brought to our attention on Reddit, needs to be addressed. Crashing happens immediately after the game starts, implying that an issue with the intro animation is to blame. Other players, however, have reported game crashes and restarts, despite the fact that the video shows the player is returned to the title screen.

Working on Solution

In response to a Reddit post, a Respawn employee stated that the company is “working on” a solution. The skin for £16/$20 is still available in the store. When players open the game, they are instead greeted with a message informing them that the game’s skin has issues. Despite the fact that the skin can be restored following a game crash, the warning states that the process is lengthy and time-consuming for such an expensive cosmetic.”

Apex Legends won our 2021 Game of the Year Awards for Best Ongoing

After our resident Space Mom Natalie Clayton fell in love with it last year. In response to one of our awards, she wrote. “Apex is just so confident this year, both as a game and as a world.” “Respawn’s storytelling has gone into overdrive. Community artists and animators are contributing to the world’s fleshing out. Furthermore, while BR downtime and voice lines are heavily used to bring the game’s characters to life.” Every new season of Apex deepens and amplifies the characters’ tension, transforming it into a soap opera.”

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