WhatsApp recently announced its new privacy policy and it has really put the user into concern. according to the new privacy policy, the users will have to accept the terms which says that the user data collected by WhatsApp will be shared with its parent company Facebook. Those who don’t want to accept the terms can uninstall the app as they won’t have access to the app unless they accept the terms.

The notification came to the android and IOS users on Tuesday about the new terms and privacy policy which will be in force from February 8, 2021.

The company also told users through the in-app notification how it will make the things better for users, how they will process the data and how the business accounts will be able to use services hosted by Facebook, etc.

What they are planning to do is to use the data to personalise the advertisement content which will be shown across various groups. It might be possible that they will release some subscription plans for users who do not want to see those ads, just the way YouTube did.

WhatsApp said that it will collect user data, so that it will be able to improve the user experience and provide customised services to them. Along with the conversation data, the user’s mobile number, the app logs and status messages, everything will be shared with the parent company. Even your profile picture will be shared with Facebook.

Basically, we don’t have a choice but to accept the new policies as almost everyone we talk with today, is on WhatsApp and it won’t be possible to take everybody on another app as some people will rather just accept it. Plus, there is no alternative app which provides a similar experience.

Though one thing which is of relief is that the personal data of users will not be shared with Facebook, only the business interaction across the group will be shared with Facebook, as per the company.

Still, I am not very happy with the new privacy policy as it is nothing but a breach into someone’s personal life. We hope that some other alternative will come, where we all will move together because WhatsApp isn’t safe to use anymore. By the way, are you happy with these new terms and privacy policy?


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