WhatsApp has really transformed a lot over the years. From just a messaging app to an app through which you can chat, call, video call, and even pay money, It seems like WhatsApp has come a long way. It keeps getting updated every one month or two as it comes with a new feature.

The company has launched its new beta update in early 2021 this time where the hints are showing new features which may be available soon for users. 

WhatsApp has improved a lot of things with its updates in the past like improved audio and video calling, more chat history saved, etc. 

There are a lot of new options which will assist the user to not miss anything which are important. 


The beta program is available for both the Android and IOS users where they can be a beta user and test the new features of the phone before its launch. However, the beta program is currently full for apple users.

To be a beta tester on android, you just need to visit the WhatsApp Beta page on android and fill up the details and apply. If you already have a normal version of the app, you just have to uninstall and install again the app and you will have the beta variant of the app and you will be able to test new features which are not available for normal users.

Though there is one thing that all who are thinking of trying out the beta version should remember, as the app will be in early development stage, the new feature might have some problems and there might be bugs in some of the features and might lag or keep closing the app and it might be a little inconvenient for some users. So before applying to ‘Beta Program’, make sure that it might not be a problem to face such problems, and if it’s not a problem, then happily apply to become a beta tester.


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