WhatsApp has been the leading social media mobile application for a really long time. The app was so popular that there was not a single alternative app which could compete with it. The app got more than two billion users worldwide.

But for the last few months, things have not been working out well for the app. After they introduced their new privacy policy, where they said that the user’s data will be shared with Facebook, and people are not happy with the decision.

People were really into WhatsApp because along with all the other features, there was one feature that there would be end to end encryption and the privacy of users would be respected and not be compromised.

But, after the new policy came, people got really disappointed with it and started looking for an alternative which will provide them the privacy that they want.


The data that WhatsApp has told that will be shared with its parent app, will not include any chats, call history or user’s location. It will still share the personal details of users like phone number, name, the IP address, and the mobile device that they’re using.

The company said on a blog about the new policy that the new policy update will not be affecting the privacy of users’ messages with their friends or family in any way. they said that the app will rather share the business accounts on business and it will also be optional and they will also provide full transparency on how they will use the collected data.

The current users will give a deadline to the users to either accept the privacy or they won’t be able to use the app anymore. Thought, after the criticism from all the people worldwide, the app has extended the privacy policy to be in force after 15 May, 2021. 

The new policy was not notified to the users in the UK and Europe, WhatsApp said that it already shares the data to Facebook in those regions. However, after the policy update came, users have been moving to other alternatives such as telegram which provide them end to end encryption and keeps the users data private. 

There is also another app named Signal which was supported by world’s richest man Elon Musk, who took to twitter to announce the users to go for Signal which provides end to end encryption and in just a few days, the app got 50 million users. 

We will soon know how things will go with WhatsApp. Do you think the new privacy policy by WhatsApp is a good decision by the company?


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