Due to the Coronavirus pandemic originated from China, the entire second half of 2020 was accentuated by Chinese apps being banned. And further to this their Indian counterparts started mushrooming.

After this, we saw numbers of video-conferencing apps said replica of Chinese Tik-Tok. Even that we got to see a desi replica of PubG named as FAU-G.

However, from Kavin Bharti Mittal Hike’s founder and CEO, there’s a call to ban some International messaging apps. The reason was explained by Mittal that they’ve got a better UX.

Further, he added that they are too strong and aligned with users requirements compared to other Indian messenger apps. Also, these messenger apps do not have enough Indian users.

Undoubtedly, this appeal somewhat sounds absurd with a dominating tone from such famous stand. Mittal also announced a slew of changes along with some required updates to be made in Hike. This changes and update include shutting down of Hike Sticker Chat app. Further to this he said Indian won’t have there owned messenger till date.

He added, Hike Sticker Chat app has millions of downloads till date and its users spend 35 minutes approximately every day on this app, still, he thinks the app isn’t that successful as expected.

And as he mentioned that in January Hike Sticker Chat app will go offline. Part this it’s play store link has already been terminated.

He announced that soon after the chat app will stop, two new apps will continue to come in replacement from HikeMoji. This app to be named as Vibe, renamed HikeLand and Rush. Rush is a bite-sized gaming service app.

The news of shutting Hike Sticker Chat App gets to coincide with WhatsApp policy update and the data being collected from its users. This sticker chat app was launched previous year in 2019, and further have a total of around 2 millions of active users in a week. The app launched in India with a total of 30 different languages to connected as much as users possible. 

However, the app isn’t fulfilling the company’s expectation and will soon get removed from the Play Store. Do you think this step from the company is appreciated? or a new matter to analyse? Let us know in the comments.


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