The social media company Facebook owned mobile app WhatsApp recently came with a new policy where they said that the data of users will be shared by their parent company Facebook. If users want to continue using WhatsApp, then they will have to accept it or else they won’t be able to use the app anymore.


People didn’t like the new policy as maximum people were using WhatsApp because it was providing end to end privacy to its users and that’s what people wanted. people criticized the company and Facebook for their privacy policy and many of the people started moving towards other apps like Telegram and Signal. Soon Facebook realised their mistake and removed the privacy policy until May 2021.

The company also launched another feature named WhatsApp pay through which people would be able to pay money to one another via UPI. After all the backlashes and criticism, WhatsApp has clarified that their privacy won’t affect the payment product. 

There was a post on their website regarding payment policies which said that the payment related information might be shared with service providers in order to send payment instructions to banks. Yesterday, there was an update regarding that which read that Facebook will not have any access over such information and it won’t be able to access any of the UPI transactions in any way.

The company is really concerned after what happened earlier when they came up with their new privacy policy. Even the Indian government sent a letter to the company to roll back their privacy. So far there is no news regarding the privacy of the users but you people are ready to either accept it or move to another app in case they implement the policy again.


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