From just a messaging application to a multi featured App with a ton of features, WhatsApp has really come a long way. WhatsApp is really working hard on expanding the features and the way they are growing. We can expect a lot of things in the future from the company.

This time also, the company is rumoured to introduce an all new feature of supporting multiple devices to WhatsApp. In the latest beta version of the android version of the application, the company has told the testers that users will be able to test the new feature soon.

In the new beta update of the app, the users have been asked about their new terms and conditions that the user data collected by WhatsApp will be shared with their parent company Facebook.

The new terms and conditions are in force with the beta update. However, The terms will be put into force for official release from February only. As per the company, the new policies will come into force from February 8, 2021 and the users will have to accept the terms if they want to use the apps or else they can uninstall it.

The new feature of Multi-device support is really something that people have been waiting for a long time. although the feature has not been tested yet, it looks like it will be possible to use WhatsApp on a computer without connecting with mobile or keeping the mobile data on just like the way you used to do earlier.


There is not any news about when the new feature will be available on the stable version of the app. but there are expectations that we will be able to connect up to four devices at a single time. After the official release of the feature in the stable and normal version of the app, there will be a lot of features which will be added further but it will take a bit of time before we can try our hands on.

If you are a beta tester of the app, you might soon be able to try the new feature. though you might face some problems as the feature is not a stable one. So, how excited are you to try the new feature out? Are you planning to become a beta tester or you can wait for some time until the official release? do comment.


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