Apple has come up with its new privacy policy and it seems like WhatsApp is not happy with it. 

Apple has just updated its App Store policy where the apps are required to show ‘Privacy Nutrition’ label where the apps have to show how much data is collected by them. The problem in this clash is that Apple has its own messaging app name I Message. 

APPLE Disagreement Reason

As the ‘I Message’ app comes preinstalled in Apple devices, it does not have any privacy nutrition label of how much data it uses, it will be a competitive advantage for Apple. Other apps like Facebook have also shown their criticism of apple’s new policy.

Whatsapp Response

WhatsApp said in a statement that the policies should be equally applied to all apps no matter it is a third-party application or first-party as user’s data is important. 

The statement was quite right as if third party apps are required to show how much data they use and in-built app are not required to show that, it is not fair, it is biased. 

It is unlikely that Eventually, users will go for in-built apps rather than third-party apps as they do not have any privacy labels so they might not be collecting any user data.

After WhatsApp’s outrage, Apple finally came to respond. Apple said that the policy will be the same for all. Soon, the privacy details for their first-party apps will be available on their website. As those first party apps are not available on their App Store, they can’t provide the privacy details on app store.

What do you think about apple’s response and whatsapp point of you, let us know and stay tuned for progressive updates.


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