WhatsApp changing its login procedure by adding a new security policy in its update

Recently reported that Facebook-owned WhatsApp is now planning to add an extra layer of security to its desktop app and web service. This new security level will require a phone’ face recognition or fingerprint scanner in order to complete the log-in procedure. 

Presently, users can simply log-in into WhatsApp web in there desktop by just scanning the scanning the QR code through their smartphone app. But in this security update, you will get a level of security increased, and the restriction to stay log in into one device at a time will no longer be seen. Where you get logged out from the previous web access when you log-in into a different desktop. 

However, this means the new update will allow all its users to access WhatsApp in more that one device at a time. Furthermore, this security update is quite necessary after which none will be allowed to use your messaging service by login into their device without your permission. This update will hold the login procedure until when you allow it to proceed. 

What’s new in this update? 

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy condition says that there will be a restriction to directly access your phone’s biometric sensors. Instead, one has to go through the security measures you and set in your device to complete and access the log in steps, this security update was something highly needed by the users. 

if you want to deactivate this biometric log in the procedure then simply go to your app lock setting deactivate it from your smartphone.

But at the same time, there’s one more update from WhatsApp’s where some of the users have to share more of there personal info from Facebook as per its terms and conditions. Undoubtedly, this update is something most of the users are unhappy with. WhatsApp later confirmed that this new update is only for some business accounts.   

The Facebook-owned company has also published a complete statement to answer some of its common questions. This questions are mostly regarding the new terms of service. Furthermore also explaining that neither WhatsApp nor Facebook is allowed to access one’s messages or calls details.  

This is all from the new security policy update and other updates from WhatsApp, here the most important thing is what it users thinks regarding this updates. 

Hence, let us know your thoughts on this new update from WhatsApp? How much far you think this update is a good step by the company, in the comments below. 


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