What’s New On Hulu (And What’s Leaving) In February 2022

A lot of content is landing on Hulu this month. Now so that you don’t get confused, we have arranged the details of the best that is landing and taking off from Hulu this month. Here we go.


In the department of titles that will land on Hulu this month, a total of 160 will land. Among them, the highest gossip generators are the series after the real-life celebrity pair of Pamela and Tommy. Their series has been simply named ‘Pam & Tommy’. The next big thing is the series ‘How I Met Your Father’.

This sitcom-style series is rolling out its new episodes every Tuesday of this February. Comedy lovers, don’t miss it. The third most important series is the second season of ‘Dollface’.

The first season of this series is already available on Hulu and the second season will land on 11th February 2022. Let’s move on to the departure terminal.

What's New On Hulu
What’s New On Hulu


Long story short, a total of 79 titles are going to leave Hulu this month. While some are leaving right at the beginning of the month, some are leaving at the end with some leaving midway. The first to leave will be ‘The Peanut Butter Falcon.

In fact, it already left yesterday. The second important departure is the famous 2012 movie ‘The Dictator’. The one of its kind comedy leaves on 13th February 2022. Leaving just the next day is ‘Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

There is a bulk departure on the last day of February meaning the 28th. The most important ones are ‘Gone Girl, ‘Behind Enemy Lines, ‘Lost in Space’ and ‘Shanghai Noon.

With that we sum up the most important landings and takeoffs that will be happening on Hulu this month.

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